May 3, 2012

Introducing Ken Kurtzig – Founder and CEO of iReuse LLC – Panel Moderator at the 2012 CHOICES Sustainability Summit


Editor’s note: In the weeks leading up to the 2012 CHOICES Sustainability Summit, we will be profiling several key Summit speakers and contributors. Visit our website to learn more about the Summit and register to attend.

Ken Kurtzig loves digging through the trash, turning off lights and fixing leaky faucets. Just another day on the job for one of the industry’s premier thought leaders in office sustainability best practices.

Ken’s company, iReuse LLC, is a leader in resource efficiency consulting for business, providing expert advice on everything from energy savings to waste reduction to water conservation.

Every day, businesses waste precious resources including energy, water, fuel and materials. These lost resources increase monthly operating costs and make a company’s environmental impact even more burdensome. But what’s the source of all this waste? In large part, it’s a lack of transparency and understanding of the real opportunities to maximize efficiency.

iReuse helps businesses design and implement programs that optimize building systems and internal processes, reducing demand for resources and creating a culture of sustainability among workers at every level of the organization.

Ken will be moderating a panel discussion entitled Nurturing Sustainability Through Business Ups and Downs as well as hosting a roundtable discussion on environmentally preferable purchasing at the 2012 CHOICES Sustainability Summit. To learn more about Ken, visit the iReuse website at

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